The LCMS “Calls a Post a Post”

The LCMS “Calls a Post a Post”

There has been a gradual move within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (LCMS) to return to our roots, theologically speaking. Pastor Matthew Becker, who has been teaching at Valparaiso University for some time, has been removed from the clergy roster due to his consistent refusal to teach the agreed-upon doctrines of the LCMS.

While it is unfortunate that we have been unable to convince Becker to turn from his heresy, this still represents a success for the Synod as it means that doctrinal unity is still important.

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  2. Hey Single Girl,Thank you for letting us share this exrpnieece with you. Clearly Lutherans like to talk about their faith, and I hope it was all helpful.You mention a couple of things that didn’t get asked or answered, so I’d like to fill in some of the blanks:Lutherans practice infant baptism. Baptism is a requirement for communion and both baptism and confirmation are requirements in LCMS before you can take communion. When it comes to the Eucharist: Lutherans believe in consubstantiation, which when you get right down to the core of just what con and transubstantiation are they are the same thing. (I’m sure there is a Roman and a Lutheran out there who will violently dissagree with me, but ) Basically, Jesus is there, and it’s not a symbol.As far as social issues go, I’d say that the ELCA is more socially liberal, and LCMS is more conservitave. This does vary from congregation to congregation as does the level of adherance to the liturgy in the hymnal. You can find praise bands in either branch. Once again, thanks for sharing this and allowing us to share with you.Erich

  3. In a blog post, Becker went even further, comparing the exclusion of women leaders from the church to “the institution of slavery and the subordination of people of color to whites.”

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