Sermon Two Kingdoms

Two Kingdoms

“Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s”. This was Christ’s answer when the Pharisees asked if it was lawful to pay taxes. His response is clear and concise. He leaves no room for doubt to give uphold both our civic and spiritual responsibilities. But of course, …

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Sermon God is faithful

God is faithful

In the hopelessness of those days, God sent Isaiah with words of good cheer to the Israelites as they were in captivity. It’s important to note the difference of the Mounts and where Isaiah shares the message of God. Sinai is where the Law was given but Zion is where death is destroyed. From verse …

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Sermon The Patience & Faithfulness of the Lord

The Patience & Faithfulness of the Lord

Do you ever grow impatient? Of course! We get stuck in traffic, or annoyed by a loved one’s habits or frustrated with a slow co-worker. But our incredibly patient Lord shows us over and over His amazing faithfulness to us. We are flawed and sin daily but with this parable, Pastor illustrates how Christ is …

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