Jesus Wept

Jesus Wept

Some people are surprised when they first hear this account.  Surprised that the same Jesus Christ, by whom all things were made, by whom all mankind is reconciled to the Father, and by whom all mankind is rescued from eternal damnation, was moved to tears.  And not just a little sniffle–He wept.

What can be so sad that it can make Jesus weep?  He knew that Jerusalem would fall under siege and be destroyed.  And worse, it would have rejected Him and His offer of eternal life.

It is from the tears of Christ we know how much God loves us; that His mercy is unfailing. And with that love comes compassion for those who have sinned and fallen short, which is all of us.

The tears fall when we reject Him, when we turn away from His love for us and rely on our human nature instead of His saving grace.  Read Jesus’ words below in today’s sermon text from Luke 19,

41 And when he drew near and saw the city, he wept over it, 42 saying, “Would that you, even you, had known on this day the things that make for peace! But now they are hidden from your eyes. 43 For the days will come upon you, when your enemies will set up a barricade around you and surround you and hem you in on every side 44 and tear you down to the ground, you and your children within you. And they will not leave one stone upon another in you, because you did not know the time of your visitation.”

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Prayer during a pandemic.

Almighty God, heavenly Father, give us grace to trust You during this time of illness and distress. In mercy put an end to the pandemic that afflicts us. Grant relief to those who suffer, and comfort all that mourn. Sustain all medical personnel in their labors, and cause Your people ever to serve You in righteousness and holiness; through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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