Sermon The New Birth – Trinity Sunday

The New Birth – Trinity Sunday

*Please note this is a Matins service. Andrew & Elizabeth, who record and post the services, are on vacation. In their absence, here is the Trinity Sunday service from 2020.* Trinity Sunday is when we confess a mystery. Not a mystery in the sense of “whodunnit”. Rather, a mystery that the human mind is unable …

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Sermon Spirit of Truth

Spirit of Truth

If you’re familiar with the Lutheran hymnal, the section for Pentecost has the word “Come” in almost every hymn title. Why do we repeatedly ask the Holy Spirit to come? It is because He is the bearer of Truth along with being our Helper, Intercessor and Consoler. This important role reveals the mercies of God …

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Sermon The Son of Man Rules the World

The Son of Man Rules the World

Who is in control? As Christians, it’s easy to say that God is in control, but logically it’s hard to reconcile sometimes. There is so much evil in this world: war, natural disasters, and disease are real and present dangers. So what does Christ’s Ascension have to do with all of this? Well, it’s a …

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Sermon Abide in My Love

Abide in My Love

God is love. That simple phrase carries a beautiful and accurate sentiment that has gotten lost in our commercialized world. We see it used on bumper stickers, billboards and co-opted by organizations with their own agendas. But God truly is love. The natural world world wants to see God as rules, judgement and punishment. But …

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Sermon Test the Spirits

Test the Spirits

Counterfeit Christianity is a real threat. It’s easy at times to clearly see who comes with evil intent but the danger lies with those who look like a lamb but breathe like a dragon as John warns us in Revelation. John is also very clear about this threat in today’s Epistle reading when he directly …

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