Love Expressed in Confession & Reconciliation

Love Expressed in Confession & Reconciliation

Season of Repentance

While Lent is the season of repentance, our focus during our Midweek Vespers has been Christ’s love. What’s the connection? Christ loved us so much that he gave his life for us. He redeemed us. He loves us and just wants us to love him in return. And loving him means repenting of our sinful nature.

Is it coercion?

Skeptics will say Christ’s love is not free. But our love for Him comes from the Holy Spirit. It is borne of faith. Faith in Him. Faith in His redemption of us. Our love for Him is the love of the cross.

And so, when we repent of our sins, it is one act of love. Participating in Confession & Absolution is love manifested. We recognize and acknowledge why Christ came and how his death on the cross was for us!

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