Sermon God Desires That All Men Shall Be Saved

God Desires That All Men Shall Be Saved

Do you pray for your enemies? “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son that whoever believes shall be saved”, John 3:16. I don’t have the research to back this up, but I’m willing to guess this is the single most well-known Bible passage. Even non-Christians are familiar with …

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Sermon The Necessity of Faith

The Necessity of Faith

While Pastor Jenson is on vacation, Deacon Poe is filling in and delivered today’s service. Faith is a loaded word. It sounds simple but it’s not always easy. Our sinful nature gets in the way. Our inclination is to want to prove we can follow the Law, or be a better person by doing good …

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Sermon Spirit of Truth

Spirit of Truth

If you’re familiar with the Lutheran hymnal, the section for Pentecost has the word “Come” in almost every hymn title. Why do we repeatedly ask the Holy Spirit to come? It is because He is the bearer of Truth along with being our Helper, Intercessor and Consoler. This important role reveals the mercies of God …

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Sermon The Foolishness of God

The Foolishness of God

Labeling someone as foolish is usually a pretty harsh condemnation of their behavior. And in some cases, it is behavior that should not be replicated. However, the Lord in His wisdom challenges the worldly belief system knowing that those who profess belief are mocked, ridiculed and called “foolish”. The Lord’s ways are not the ways …

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