Sermon Where is Jesus?

Where is Jesus?

In this familiar story, we hear about Mary and Joseph spending three days looking for Jesus only to find him in the temple. We might be tempted to say, well, of course he was there, like Jesus says to them. But how often do we look for Jesus in the wrong place? Our human nature …

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Sermon My Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation

My Eyes Have Seen Thy Salvation

Every week, we sing the Nunc Dimittis (see text in bold below) after we complete the Lord’s Supper. It’s also known as the Song of Simeon or Simeon’s Blessing and is a thoughtful, inspired piece. Today’s sermon explores the Nunc Dimittis in detail and is based the chapter it is found, Luke 2: 22¬†And when …

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Sermon Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Behold His Glory Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth. But unlike the rest of us, this isn’t when he was created. Christmas marks Christ becoming true man but he already is/was true God. Today’s sermon text is from the first chapter of John and it’s a beautiful explanation of Christ being both true God …

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Sermon Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

His name is Jesus, for He saves His people from their sins. Merry Christmas!What a blessed time of year. While we honor family and cultural traditions at home, we most importantly get to celebrate the gift of Jesus. The gift of Jesus is truly His forgiveness. As we’ve learned before, our English translation is a …

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