Sermon Love Expressed in Confession & Reconciliation

Love Expressed in Confession & Reconciliation

Season of Repentance While Lent is the season of repentance, our focus during our Midweek Vespers has been Christ’s love. What’s the connection? Christ loved us so much that he gave his life for us. He redeemed us. He loves us and just wants us to love him in return. And loving him means repenting …

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Sermon Abide in My Love

Abide in My Love

God is love. That simple phrase carries a beautiful and accurate sentiment that has gotten lost in our commercialized world. We see it used on bumper stickers, billboards and co-opted by organizations with their own agendas. But God truly is love. The natural world world wants to see God as rules, judgement and punishment. But …

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Sermon Christ’s Love for Sinners

Christ’s Love for Sinners

To be lost is to be separated from your proper place. It’s a rather accurate description of how sinners can be lost, or separated, from God. But in His overwhelming love for us, the Lord seeks us out and returns us to the flock, to our proper place in the family of believers. He forgives …

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