Sermon The Life of Repentance

The Life of Repentance

Lent is known as the season of repentance. While that may sound depressing to confront and confess our sins, it is a blessing of the greatest means. We get to acknowledge our inclination to sin, seek forgiveness and absolutely receive it. But it doesn’t start and end with Lent. The life of repentance is a …

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Sermon Jesus, the Man from Nazareth, Has Fulfilled All Prophecy

Jesus, the Man from Nazareth, Has Fulfilled All Prophecy

It’s safe to say that Jesus ruffled a few feathers during his time on Earth – through no fault of his own of course. Our stubborn, human nature was and still is rather resistant to the Gospel message. During his ministry, he went to the temples to show how he was the Messiah, the long-ago …

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Sermon Be merciful

Be merciful

**Due to the extreme heat, the service was not recorded and we are sharing an appropriate sermon from last year. Please stay safe in this unusual weather. ** One word makes an significant impact. The word AS. Those two little letters point to the mercy the Father shows us and it is unmatched.  The way …

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Sermon Where is Jesus?

Where is Jesus?

In this familiar story, we hear about Mary and Joseph spending three days looking for Jesus only to find him in the temple. We might be tempted to say, well, of course he was there, like Jesus says to them. But how often do we look for Jesus in the wrong place? Our human nature …

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Sermon Christ’s Love for Sinners

Christ’s Love for Sinners

To be lost is to be separated from your proper place. It’s a rather accurate description of how sinners can be lost, or separated, from God. But in His overwhelming love for us, the Lord seeks us out and returns us to the flock, to our proper place in the family of believers. He forgives …

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Sermon The Final Judgment

The Final Judgment

“Come, Lord Jesus, come” With faith in our Lord, we do not fear the Last Day. Rather, we pray for it to come. Why? Pastors sums it up nicely in this sermon as he covers the difference between “inherit” and “depart”. On the Last Day, we receive our inheritance. Not an earthly one of riches. …

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Sermon Abide in Righteousness

Abide in Righteousness

Reformation Observed As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we recall how Martin Luther pointed out the sin that had corrupted the church. Luther’s focus was on the righteousness of God through faith in Christ Jesus. No indulgence sold by the church could replace the work of Christ. Anything in addition to faith …

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Sermon Seek the Lord; trust His ways, trust His pardon

Seek the Lord; trust His ways, trust His pardon

This week’s sermon focuses on trusting the Lord. Sounds easy, right? But how often do we default to OUR way of thinking? How often do we seek answers within OURSELVES? It is the human thing to do. But the Lord tells us, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”. …

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Sermon More than Conquerors

More than Conquerors

Today’s sermon (July 30th)¬†focused on the delicate and, at times, difficult to understand topic of predestination. You can listen to the sermon below. The topic is rich with discussion so leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section. Following are the Scripture readings for today’s sermon. Epistle: Romans 8:28-39 28¬†And we know that for …

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