Sermon The Faithfulness of the LORD

The Faithfulness of the LORD

Excuses, excuses I slept in, I ran out of time or the original excuse, “The woman made me do it”. Excuses are as old as time or at least as long as we’ve been held accountable for our actions. And in today’s sermon text, we hear Ahaz try an excuse on God, “I will not …

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Sermon Christ, Head of Nations

Christ, Head of Nations

Special Note: Pastor Jenson was unable to join us today due to inclement weather. Deacon Poe read a sermon from a fellow Reverend. Today’s sermon text is from Jeremiah 31, 7 For thus says the Lord:“Sing aloud with gladness for Jacob,    and raise shouts for the chief of the nations;proclaim, give praise, and say,    ‘O Lord, save your …

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Sermon God is faithful

God is faithful

In the hopelessness of those days, God sent Isaiah with words of good cheer to the Israelites as they were in captivity. It’s important to note the difference of the Mounts and where Isaiah shares the message of God. Sinai is where the Law was given but Zion is where death is destroyed. From verse …

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