Sermon Reformation Sunday

Reformation Sunday

The Message That Changes the World What does the angel mean when it says, “Fear God and give Him glory”, and how can this message be eternal “Good News”?  That is what “gospel” means, after all:  Good news.  “Fear God” – a message of repentance.  None of us really fear God without turning away from …

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Sermon That We May Obtain This Faith

That We May Obtain This Faith

“Let me help you.” “No, I want to do it.” From an early age, each of us wants to be independent. We want to rely on our own strength, intellect and will. We want to do it ourselves. God gave us the Law, so that we might know what we must do. It is clear, …

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Sermon Abide in Righteousness

Abide in Righteousness

Reformation Observed As we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, we recall how Martin Luther pointed out the sin that had corrupted the church. Luther’s focus was on the righteousness of God through faith in Christ Jesus. No indulgence sold by the church could replace the work of Christ. Anything in addition to faith …

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