Sermon That We May Obtain This Faith

That We May Obtain This Faith

“Let me help you.” “No, I want to do it.” From an early age, each of us wants to be independent. We want to rely on our own strength, intellect and will. We want to do it ourselves. God gave us the Law, so that we might know what we must do. It is clear, …

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Sermon The Authority of Forgive Sins

The Authority of Forgive Sins

Forgiveness is a very nuanced concept. The normal way we tend to use it in our day-to-day speech is to overlook some offense — this time. It is similar to a pardon in the sense that you’re still guilty, you are just not enduring the consequences of your offense. As we’ve learned previously, the Greek …

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Sermon Fear of the Lord

Fear of the Lord

The word fear has a few different meanings and for the sake of understanding it is important to understand the context where its used. When we’re told to fear the Lord, it doesn’t mean we should be scared. Many times angels tell people to “Do not be afraid.” Rather, in the context of the Lord, …

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Sermon The Hard Saying (2009 sermon)

The Hard Saying (2009 sermon)

While Pastor Jenson is on vacation this week, we invite you to listen to a sermon from 2009 titled “The Hard Saying”. Sermon text is based on John 6, 51 I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. And the bread that I will …

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Sermon Keeping the Sabbath Holy

Keeping the Sabbath Holy

When we hear the command, “Keep the Sabbath holy” some people might envision attending a church service followed by stoic stillness. But does keeping it holy mean that we must do absolutely nothing? No. Yes, we should take a day of rest. But this rest is meant to help us focus on God. Work for …

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