Good Friday

Good Friday

Passion Week

During Holy Week, we will post the Reading of the Passion each night.

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Easter Sunday is nearly here! Please join us for the Divine Service at 10 am. Breakfast is at 8:30 am.

Bible Study: Our midweek Bible study is on hiatus during Lent and will resume on April 27th. Our Sunday morning class meets at 9:45 (excluding Easter morning) and is currently discussing the papacy.

Donations: Even during the pandemic and with a decline in attendance, the expenses still go on. If you wish to make a donation please mail them to the St. James post office box as that is a secure location. You may also donate online.

Prayer requests. Bring your prayer requests to Pastor Jenson, Deacon Poe, or Loyd Harris (bulletin typist). They will be printed in the bulletin and prayed in the Sunday service. The deadline is Tuesday. Remember to obtain permission if you are bringing a prayer request on behalf of another person.

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