The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

Only one gift is needed

Every year at this time, we are bombarded with the idea of gifts. Buying gifts, returning gifts, picking out the perfect gift. Thankfully, as Christians, there is only ONE gift that truly matters. Only ONE gift that is truly perfect. The gift of Christ.

That gift of Christ goes beyond a miraculous conception and a cute baby in a manger – that is only the beginning. He led that perfect life we never could. He took on the Law for us. He suffered, died, and was buried because of our transgressions. He rose from the dead to make us right with God.

The name “Jesus” means “God Saves”. We call him Jesus because he saves us from our sins, guilt, and shame. We call him Jesus because he loves us so much, he gave up his life for us. We call him Jesus because he saves us and makes us righteous in God’s eyes. This is the greatest gift of Jesus, that he reconciles us to God.

Thanks be to Jesus for this true and perfect gift!

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