Classes And Seminars

Classes And Seminars

Annual Theological Seminar

I Am Not Afraid – Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett brings us a fascinating first-hand account of the spiritual warfare found within the Lutheran Church of Madagascar. Is spiritual warfare something new to the Church? Bennett reviews what the Bible, Church Fathers, and contemporary Lutheran leaders have to say.

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The Information Class:
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Many religious teachings surround us competing for the heart and conscience. Even under the name Christian many claims of truth compete. How does one sort them out? St. James Lutheran’s Information Class provides resources which help examine the many teachings around us in the light of God’s Word and the history of the Christian Church. This class is presented in two parts.

Jesus, His Claims and His Church: An Overview, Part One: five sessions

We start with the very words of Jesus. We listen to what He claims about Himself and offers to those who believe His words. The class then follows Jesus’ claims through the Old Testament Scriptures which attest His claims. We then study the main events in the life of Jesus followed by an overview of the events encountered by the faithful up until the time of the Reformation, 1517 AD. This overview provides an excellent help in understanding the many religions surrounding us today.

The Doctrines of the Holy Scriptures: Part Two: twelve topics.

These topics answer such questions as how do we obtain knowledge of God? What does God reveal about His nature and person? How does God communicate with us? How do we gain righteousness acceptable to God? What is the Church? What is the job of pastors? What about Baptism? What about Holy Communion? What kind of worship pleases God? What happens at death? When will the end of the World be? What about judgment day and heaven?

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