Sermon If Anyone Keeps My Word, He Will Never See Death

If Anyone Keeps My Word, He Will Never See Death

Trinity Sunday, Faith and Eternal Life Trinity Sunday is when we confess a mystery. Not a mystery in the sense of “whodunnit”. Rather, a mystery that the human mind is unable to fathom. In Greek, mystery means revealed by God – not “figured out with a few clues”. We are unable to fathom the depths …

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Sermon Our Inheritance

Our Inheritance

Religions that men create love laws. We love to set up standards for ourselves that let us say “I have done well.” We want to be righteous, and will work very diligently in order to be so. Today’s message tells a different story. It tells us that our righteousness is inherited, not earned. How does …

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Sermon More than Conquerors

More than Conquerors

Today’s sermon (July 30th)¬†focused on the delicate and, at times, difficult to understand topic of predestination. You can listen to the sermon below. The topic is rich with discussion so leave your thoughts and questions in the comments section. Following are the Scripture readings for today’s sermon. Epistle: Romans 8:28-39 28¬†And we know that for …

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