Sermon The Lord Brings Hope to the Hopeless

The Lord Brings Hope to the Hopeless

Lost Hope Borne of Sin Picture a valley, full of dry bones. It’s rather easy to envision. The book of Ezekiel is full of rich imagery used to illustrate important lessons. The very dry bones are symbolic of those who reject Christ. They have lost all hope and created a manmade spiritual disaster. It sounds …

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Sermon The Final Judgment

The Final Judgment

“Come, Lord Jesus, come” With faith in our Lord, we do not fear the Last Day. Rather, we pray for it to come. Why? Pastors sums it up nicely in this sermon as he covers the difference between “inherit” and “depart”. On the Last Day, we receive our inheritance. Not an earthly one of riches. …

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Sermon He Rules the World

He Rules the World

Pastor Jenson covers civil authority in this week’s sermon. We know that evil exists in this world and that God governs it two ways.  He governs and limits evil either by grace and mercy or by force of law. God does not abandon us but rather, He works through all means to the blessing of …

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