Sermon Eternal Life Is Our Inheritance

Eternal Life Is Our Inheritance

What can I do? Our desire to save ourselves is inherent in us but comes from our sinful nature; that is the old Adam. We think if we just do the right things or say the right words; we can gain eternal life. We see it in so many Christian denominations – works righteousness, prosperity …

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Sermon Holy Thursday

Holy Thursday

Passion Week During Holy Week, we will post the Reading of the Passion each night. Click here to open the bulletin in a new tab or scroll down. Announcements Easter Sunday is nearly here! Please join us for the Divine Service at 10 am. Breakfast is at 8 am. Holy Week: Please join us this …

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Sermon Our Inheritance

Our Inheritance

Religions that men create love laws. We love to set up standards for ourselves that let us say “I have done well.” We want to be righteous, and will work very diligently in order to be so. Today’s message tells a different story. It tells us that our righteousness is inherited, not earned. How does …

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Sermon The Final Judgment

The Final Judgment

“Come, Lord Jesus, come” With faith in our Lord, we do not fear the Last Day. Rather, we pray for it to come. Why? Pastors sums it up nicely in this sermon as he covers the difference between “inherit” and “depart”. On the Last Day, we receive our inheritance. Not an earthly one of riches. …

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