Sermon Trust in the Lord

Trust in the Lord

It’s pretty common to hear people say, “You have to earn my trust”. And, in some cases, that’s great advice. Thankfully, when it comes to the Lord, that’s not the case. Rather, we have to remind ourselves to keep trusting Him. To know that the LORD is always faithful. And loving. And true. But it’s …

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Sermon Fear of the Lord

Fear of the Lord

The word fear has a few different meanings and for the sake of understanding it is important to understand the context where its used. When we’re told to fear the Lord, it doesn’t mean we should be scared. Many times angels tell people to “Do not be afraid.” Rather, in the context of the Lord, …

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Sermon Seek the Lord; trust His ways, trust His pardon

Seek the Lord; trust His ways, trust His pardon

This week’s sermon focuses on trusting the Lord. Sounds easy, right? But how often do we default to OUR way of thinking? How often do we seek answers within OURSELVES? It is the human thing to do. But the Lord tells us, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways”. …

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