Sermon Until the fullness of time

Until the fullness of time

The Bible is a book full of inheritance. We can see this in the way we divide the books: An Old Testament and a New Testament. Through Adam we inherit a curse, but through Abraham we inherit a promise of a redeemer. So, where does the law fit into these inheritances? The law was given …

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Sermon Comfort ye, my people

Comfort ye, my people

We often think of comfort as a mother’s hug, an encouraging note from a friend or snuggling with a blanket. They are all comforting acts, things that make us feel safe and loved. Now think of God comforting His children. He did so in Isaiah 40 and they are beautiful words (read vs. 1 &2 …

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Sermon Promises


The Bible is full of promises for us, starting in Genesis and all the way through Revelation. The biggest one is to reunite us with God through Christ. So as we start forth on this new Church Year, the beginning of Advent and look forward to Christmas, we can set our hearts on His promises …

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Sermon The King Humbly Comes

The King Humbly Comes

Jesus entered the city on a donkey. Let that sink in for a minute. Not a horse, or a chariot or a grand beast like an elephant. But a donkey. A lowly animal only good for hauling goods. What a beautiful reminder this is of WHY he came. He came humbly because it is what …

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Sermon Thanks Be To God

Thanks Be To God

As we celebrate this thanksgiving holiday, we should look to Christ for what we are the most thankful.  Like the leper who praised God “with a loud voice”, since we have even more for which we can be thankful than other men. Our sins are forgiven; our health will be restored; we will see God. …

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Sermon Final Judgment

Final Judgment

For some, the thought of “Final Judgment” or “The Last Day” elicits fear. Human nature does tend to dwell on the negative. Combine that with the fact that no one knows the day or hour and it seems there is nothing we can do other than to panic. Thankfully, we do know that the Lord …

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Sermon The Kingdom of Power

The Kingdom of Power

We, as Christians, are citizens of heavenly kingdom and of an earthly one. We are subjects of both God and man. Jesus reminds us in today’s sermon text to “render to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s”. Sounds easy enough, right? But it is a difficult task at times. No matter …

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Sermon The Church Triumphant

The Church Triumphant

For too many people, the book of Revelation is something mysterious, that we cannot really grasp. But the truth is that it is meant to reveal to us the things that we should know about Jesus. As we go through our lives we are going to experience trials and troubles every day of our lives. …

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Sermon That We May Obtain This Faith

That We May Obtain This Faith

“Let me help you.” “No, I want to do it.” From an early age, each of us wants to be independent. We want to rely on our own strength, intellect and will. We want to do it ourselves. God gave us the Law, so that we might know what we must do. It is clear, …

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Sermon The Authority of Forgive Sins

The Authority of Forgive Sins

Forgiveness is a very nuanced concept. The normal way we tend to use it in our day-to-day speech is to overlook some offense — this time. It is similar to a pardon in the sense that you’re still guilty, you are just not enduring the consequences of your offense. As we’ve learned previously, the Greek …

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